September 4th, 2011

A Key To Actualizing Your Dreams

Uncategorized, by Jonathan Hostetler.

We all can dream. Chances are, at some point or another, we’ve all dreamt of doing grand things. Maybe you’ve dreamed of a great athletic achievement, or of having a better relationship, more money, or a stronger relationship with God.

But if we’ve all dreamed at one point or another, why do so many people seem to be dream-less and hope-less? I’d say one of the biggest reasons is because they’ve tried and failed to achieve their dream(s). Well, I’d like to show you a way you can increase the likelyhood that you will see your dreams come to pass.

If you’d ask those who have tried to achieve their dreams but failed, they would probably say that they had hope and belief. Likewise, if you’d ask those who have achieved (or are living) their dreams, they too would say that they at one point had hope and belief.

Hope and belief are certainly important, for without them we are unable to imagine a better future. But these two things are not enough. There is another ingredient that successful people add to the mix, and it is this one thing that propels them toward their goals.

The secret ingredient is knowing.

I’m not talking about “knowledge” or mere accumulation of facts and details. Rather, I am referring to a breed of confidence that enables one to achieve their dreams without struggling. Work is involved, certainly, and much effort must be applied, but struggle is not necessary.

Let me give you a simple example. You know that if you plant a seed in the ground and it has all the water, nutrients, etc. that it needs, that it will indeed sprout and grow up. This is the kind of “knowing” that I’m talking about.

Do you “know” that your dreams will become a reality? Do you “know” that you will one day live the way you want to live?

Hope is good, and so is belief, but greater than both of these is “knowing.” Dream big, get your hopes up, and most importantly, know that you will achieve your goals.

Make it a prosperous week!

Jonathan Hostetler

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